Sunday, July 7, 2013


Friday, July 5th was my 23rd birthday! We spent it driving home from Salem, but it was still tons of fun. We woke up early that morning and left the hotel and went to Joey and Christine's house. We helped clean-up and hung-out with them for a few hours. At about 11:30 we decided to hit the road and head home. On our way home we decided to stop at Macado's and get lunch (it was one of the two things that I asked for!) It was super yummy and I had so much fun. After lunch we headed home and relaxed. Tony and I laid in bed and watched TV for a while, then we went with my parents to Sweet Frog (the other thing I asked for!) It was super yummy too! I got some good presents too!

 love my hunny
 our new kitten looooves Tony
 she was so excited that I was home!
 new Cupcake cookbook, the Great Raid, and Rose Red from my parents
 a new baking book from my uncle!
Sweet Frog is so much better than birthday cake!

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