Monday, July 15, 2013

When the Going Gets Tough

When things get stressful, I freak out. I have horrible anxiety and I get all confused and depressed. But lately I've been remembering one of my favorite sayings "I can conquer the world with one hand as long as you're holding the other." As I think about this saying it really helps me to get through the tough times knowing that as long as I have Tony by my side there isn't anything I can't get through. Whether works out the way I want them too or not, I know that he's always there for me and that he will always love me. I have never known a love like that, and to experience something so sincere and intense is hard for me; it's so new (even after 2.5 years) to feel this kind of bond with someone. I am so thankful to have him in my life and I am so excited for us to be starting this new chapter together! Finally! I know that no matter what happens over the next few months that I can make it through all this and be okay as long as he is next to me. I'm ready to take on the world! Watch out!
I love you baby, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever.

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